"You're Not Alone"

SUMMARY: Everyone’s journey to seeking their own greatness can impose a sense of lostness, seeking a deeper purpose, and dealing with all other emotions that life carries with through the process.

The “You’re Not Alone” album embodies Quiz outlook through his journey in a more vulnerable state of mind where the track list can seem to of a calling to others and a reminder to himself that we are not truly alone if we learn how to work with others more.

Being his latest album to date, “You’re Not Alone” can be seen as his most impactful project to be released thus far and most collaborative one as it features more talents from its backing.


  • @TheTeamsterz - Executive Producer

  • @RobertCasey - Mixed & Mastered

  • @MintRoomStudios - Studio

  • @RickJayne - Trumpet

  • @GabrielForsman - Guitar

  • @SebastianGarcia - Bass

  • @AlexSimone - Additional Vocals

  • @DukeVisuals - Art Direction

"Air Max 90's"

SUMMARY: In a path to fine tuning his sounds and his first album project, quiz pulls in inspirations from his favorite 90’s vibes and talks about his walks in his nike air max 90’s.

this project was monumental in quiz’s separation and testing his crafts on a whole new spectrum as this becomes a growing point towards creating full songs from scratch.


  • @TheTeamsterz - Executive Producer

  • @fela

  • @g.malone

  • @bugsy

  • @ep

  • @hughes

  • @thedreamteam

  • @rated.tq

  • @curtissking

  • @alex.simone

  • @brooketaylor

  • @dj.rtistic

  • @cam

  • @china

  • @grhimm

  • @nikcy d’s

  • @jakeandpapa

  • @ryck.jane

"Dope Kicks Fresh Hats"

SUMMARY: The pivoting point for quiz as “Dope kicks, fresh hats” solidifies his status as a Music artist amongst his local community in southern california.

The album concept derives from his passion for the streetwear culture and the personas it creates towards developing confidence in his artistry.


  • @sega

  • @rapperbigpooh

  • @style.misia

  • @crookedi

  • @ivyleague

  • @thurz

  • @rocky.labased

  • @glasses.malone

  • @lo.diggs

  • tha.bizness

  • @brooke.taylor

  • @rick.hughes

  • @yo

  • @curtissking

  • @macado

  • @john.do

  • @thx